Write a story that includes the words “.nothing could have prepared him for what he saw.” in 350-450 words.

Write a story that includes the words “.nothing could have prepared him for what he saw.” in 350-450 words.

Nothing could have prepared him for what he saw… he was just a child when he saw it. The murder of his own mother at the hands of his own father. He screamed and whined but to no avail, he begged and even tried to interfere but his father’s brut strength was more powerful than that of his six-year-old son. His father pushed his own son to the ground, making an impact so great that the boy broke his nose, deforming it. And, after a while, the boy lost consciousness. His father murdered his mother with his bare hands, nothing was the same anymore. He had no more motherly compassion or tenderness. His mother was his best friend, no one could replace her. Now, he had no guidance, no hope, no future; all was gone for his father too was in prison also.

As a boy, he was secluded from all others and chewed on his nails very frequently. He never said to anyone about his troubles but even voices tormented him, so he secluded himself from everyone. The voices would tell him how worthless he was as a human being and also commanded him to kill. However, the boy never listened to the voices, though his self-esteem was squashed and thrown into the dirt. He cried sometimes during the nights hoping to commit a vile act against himself, “Perhaps I’ll cut my veins” he said. He was lost and had no purpose to live.

When he grew, he built a log cabin inside the woods near a trail that was filled with thorn bushes. His clothes were torn apart and eaten by flies. Even cobwebs found their way between the fingers of his hands. He was so very depressed. Until one day a woman came walking down the trail. She was a magnificent beauty, when she was near the log cabin the boy who was now a grown man heard her footsteps, opened the door swiftly, got out, and behind the thorn bushes peaked to see who the brave wanderer was. When he saw it was a beautiful woman he was thrilled, but realized soon enough she would leave. So all his fantasies and illusions were broken immediately. However, the woman carried a map.

She was headed towards an old lake, for it was said that the old lake brought a husband and she was desperate for no one to take a liking to her due to her maturity and wisdom. So, out of the shadows came out the grown man who was spying on this gorgeous damsel and offered his services. The lady thought not twice and accepted. He showed her the lake and she submerged in it. When she came out she realized the man who helped her was handsome beyond compare.

Extra: (And, when he took her back to the place they originally met, she asked: “Would you like me to stay?” He nodded yes. So, so she stayed with him and each other delighted in each other’s company.)

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