Which sentence is consistently iambic ?

Which sentence is consistently iambic ?

A.) reconnoiter the woods
B.) give me your sympathy
C.)maxi rides a scooter
D.) we face the foe alone

Answer: The sentence that is consistently iambic is:
D forget about the plan.

Explanation: Iamb is a sequence consisting of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed one. If that happens three times, for instance, it is called an iambic trimeter. If it repeats five times, an iambic pentameter, and so on. Therefore, we are looking for the line that shows a pattern of unstressed-stressed. Let’s highlight the stressed syllables in each sentence to see which one has an iambic pattern:

A Jennifer commented – eliminated
B understand pirouettes – eliminated
C Betty told me secrets – eliminated
D forget about the plan – correct option. Notice how we have a sequence of three iambs here.

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