What you think so far *crash* *stumble* Jahn- *They run quickly and nimbly from the three guards chasing them,

what you think so far

Jahn- *They run quickly and nimbly from the three guards chasing them, they look back and forth pulling their black cape hood back onto their large feline ears. *
Guard #1- Hey you come back here! *slowing from exhaustion*
Guard #2- Split up *Hes out of breath and falling behind*
Jahn- *jumps up onto a dumpster and then a roof then continues to jump on the line of buildings* *slightly smirks and cackles a little* (that was a close shave with the royal guard almost immediately I had just snuck into the kingdom) *spots a doorway and slips in*
Guard #3- Guys they’re gone *pulls off helmet and shows her long wavy brown hair* (How does this person run so quickly? They looked shady before but now they’re quite suspicious we might need to look into this.)
Jahn-*Looks around and spots a wardrobe full of royal butlers and maids’ uniforms. * (Am I in the Castle already!? Wait- I can use this as an opportunity but to hide my ears a butler’s outfit won’t work)
Jahn- *looks back at maid uniform* What luck *puts on a maid’s long dress and hides his tail. They then hide their ears under his bonnet successfully hiding them* (This seems to have good chance of succeeding.) *folds up the clothes they were wearing and shoves them under the wardrobe*
Servant- *walks in* Oh I’m so sorry ma’am I’ll leave I didn’t see anyone walk in
Jahn- your just fine hon, I’m finished I’ll go instead (That was close!) *bows a little*
Jahn- *walks out quickly* (Wow! I just stepped out of the servants’ quarters and the castle is this expensive looking) *looks around and notices a table with a vase on it *Picks up and puts vase down* (So now to just find the kings room)
Jahn- *Walks up and down the halls till he spots a guard by a door* (ill just pretend that I belong here) sir may I enter I’d like to tidy up

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