What scared Greg about the idea of going to prison?

What scared Greg about the idea of going to prison?

A The toilets in the cells were right out in the open.
B The beds were hanging high off the walls of the cells.
CThe televisions in the cells did not have cable or satellite.
D The meals were served on battered tin plates.

Program Explanation:
Declaring method “print_feet_inch_short” that takes two variable “num_feet and num_inches”.
Inside the method parameter variable is used that converts the value into the string and prints its value.
Outside the method, a parameter variable is declared that uses an input method with the int method that takes an integer value.
calling the method by passing parameter value.

def print_feet_inch_short(num_feet, num_inches):# defining a method print_feet_inch_short which takes two parameters.
print(str(num_feet)+”‘”,str(num_inches)+”\””)# using print method that converts parameters value into string
num_feet = int(input())# defining num_feet variable input integer variable
num_inches = int(input())# defining num_inches variable input integer variable
print_feet_inch_short(num_feet, num_inches)#calling method

Please find the attached file.

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