What made the paston family vulnerable to attacks? In the paston letters

What made the Paston family vulnerable to attacks? In the Paston letters

The political disruption among the nobility that took place during Henry’s reign made the Parton family vulnerable to attack.

We can arrive at this answer through the following information:
The problems faced by the Parton family can be identified through the letters exchanged between the family members.
This family belonged to the gentry of Norfolk between 1422 and 1509.
Although they were very rich and possessed many poses, the civil war and the political break between the nobility during Henry’s reign left this family in a fragile position, vulnerable to attack.
This happened because there was no kind of policy to protect them.

That’s because this was a time when noble families were left unprotected and could be quickly challenged and plundered. As such, family members should fight for their possessions, not just against thieves, but against people claiming eligibility as family members.

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