What general conclusions can be drawn about eli’s situation?

Within minutes, flashing lights illuminated the shattered windows. Paramedics examined both of them. When they were told they needed to go to the emergency room, Eli protested. He refused to get into the ambulance as Dave had already done.
The paramedics tried to reason with him. Eventually he relented and mounted the stretcher.
His panic about the coming medical costs distracted him from the pain in his neck. All he could think about was the hardship this would bring upon his parents. Soon, though, his thoughts were drown….

What general conclusions can be drawn about Eli’s situation?

Answer: He may still be covered in some cases

He faces far more risk than the insured.
He may have to take precautions, but many factors are beyond his control.
Not being able to afford insurance was a major factor in his not being covered.

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