The African pot by Fhazel Johennesse comment on the structure of the poem ​

The African pot by Fhazel Johennesse comment on the structure of the poem?

Answer: By analyzing the structure of this poem, we can see that the poem is composed of six stanzas and thirty lines. Each stanza has a different number of lines, the poem has no rhymes and no punctuation.
The structure of a poem refers to how that poem is organized and how the reader can perceive it as soon as he observes it.

In “The African Pot” we can see a non-standardized and spontaneous structure and this is directly related to the message of the poem,:
The poem refers to the daily life of a small African village.
The events that take place in the village are spontaneous and non-standard, as is the organization of the stanzas and lines of the poem.
Everything that happens in the village is very simple, nothing is highlighted, as well as the lines of the poem do not have punctuation or rhymes.
Despite its simplicity, a village is an admirable place, as is the poem with its simple and tranquil structure.

Based on this, we can conclude that as soon as we look at the structure of the poem, we get the impression that the poet made no effort to present a standard and well-established structure, but soon after we realized that the poet made an effort to make the structure follow the narrative presented in the poem.

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