[Solved] Why might the event be motivational for the country involved? Explain​

The Question : Why might the event be motivational for the country involved? Explain​

So what is the correct answer? Answer:
Motivation or the drive to attend events can be of “generic” nature. Benefits associated with it also plays a motivational role. Leisure and travel especially having quality time with family and friends in addition to enjoy that sense of belonging give reason to attend events. Events pull people from all corners, socializing can be one of the many interest which drives oneself to attend events. The sole purpose of creating events by social and cultural group is socializing. Planned events definitely facilitate socializing, i.e. people coming together and interacting. People attend events for generic personal benefits such as entertainment and simple diversion (we can call this escapism) and ‘having fun’. ‘Generic Experiences’ are those which can occur at any event. These experiences depend more on an individual’s state of mind and particular circumstances rather than with the event theme, programme or setting. There are some ambiguous and generic reasons to attend events like entertaining, a reaction to something or ones point of view. . The event might be solemn and sacred. Sports event can attract fun loving visitors. Any enjoyable, stimulating or relaxing event draws people towards it. (Donald Getz, p. 182).

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