Smartphone is one of the most important means of communication today.

Smartphone is one of the most important means of communication today. But it has also become a nuisancefor some. Write an article on the same in around 120words. You are sneh/sneha of class x. You may take the from the following inputs.Important means of communication – connects a personsocially – keeps people updated, has become a virtualcompanion – many disadvantages – disrupts peace of mind -a constant source of disturbance -excessive usage leads to mental health disorder-cause of deadly accidents on road-biggest distraction for students – should be used wisely -use to be minimize.​

Answer: Article – Mobile a boon or nuisance

Explanation: Mobile phone is the modern version of the telephone. Today mobiles are our lifeline. We need mobiles at home, at work just everywhere. People are working online with help of mobile. Students study online because of mobile. Therefore today we need to understand the problems associated with the excessive use of mobile.

The excessive use of mobiles leads to addiction. People cannot stay away from it.
The excessive use of mobile leads to the distraction of children from their studies. Which is not good. This may lower their performance in school. In this situation, mobiles become a nuisance.

Mobile is an important means of communication. It connects a person socially. The mobile keeps people updated. Mobile has become a virtual companion. But like other good things, even the mobile has many disadvantages. It truly disrupts the peace of mind because of constant app updates, and WhatsApp chats it’s a constant source of disturbance. Excessive usage leads to many health disorders. Mobile cause deadly accidents on the road because people walk while constantly looking at their mobiles. Mobiles should be used wisely and we to be minimized.

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