PENN FOSTER ENG 4 THESE S 1.Which of the following sentences uses a semicolon correctly? A. Before metal


1.Which of the following sentences uses a semicolon correctly?
A. Before metal hoops with backboards; players used peach baskets.
B. The first basketball games; were played with a soccer ball.
C. Basketball is a popular sport; it’s easy to learn and play.
D. Basketball was invented by a Canadian; named James Naismith.
2. Which detail from “The Necklace” provides evidence that supports the theme of never being satisfied?
A. Mr. Loisel will do anything to make Matilda happy, even selling his prized gun her.
B. Matilda is sad despite having a new dress for the ball, leading her to borrow the necklace.
C. Mrs. Forestier thinks that Matilda should have returned the necklace sooner.
D. Matilda suggests that her husband to her give the invitation to another woman.
3. How does the author separate thoughts in the following passage? She was simple, not being able to adorn herself; but she was unhappy, as one out of her class; for women belong to no caste, no race; their grace, their beauty, and their charm serving them in the place of birth and family.
A. Colons
B. Dependent clauses
C. Independent clauses
D. Semicolons
4. In lines 6-7 of “The New Colossus,” who can the reader infer that the light welcomes? A. Oppressed people (exiles) B. The Statue of Liberty
C. Those who hope to be a beacon of light
D. Those who are proud of their history and heritage
5.The necklace in the story symbolizes
A. that greed will take everything you Own.
B. that things aren’t always what they appear.
C. the internal conflict Matilda faces.
D. that hard times won’t last.
6.Which of the following sets the events of the plot in motion?
A. Matilda’s poor luck to be born in a class below her her beauty
B. Matilda’s desire to be “better” than she is, and part of a higher class
C. Mrs. Forestier’s insistence that Matilda return the necklace quickly
D. Mr. Loisel’s inability to find the lost necklace
7. Which of the following words best describes Mrs. Forestier?
A. Spiteful
B. Selfish
C. Giving
D. Dishonest
8. Which of the following excerpts is an example of irony in “The Necklace?”
A. Mr. Loisel doesn’t love Matilda when she loses her beauty her.
B. Matilda loses her beauty her because of a falsely beautiful necklace.
C. Matilda doesn’t want the cloak her to COver her necklace her.
D. Mrs. Forestier remains beautiful and carefree.
9.Which of the following sayings means that, no matter the change in circumstances, you can’t escape your inner self?
A. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
B. It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing.
C. Wherever you go, there you are.
D. A stitch in time saves nine.
10. Many of Guy De Maupassant’s stories criticized the bourgeoisie, or
A. ruling class.
B. lower class.
C. middle class.
D. upper class.

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