Maverick Manufacturing creates dress slacks for men and women.

Maverick Manufacturing creates dress slacks for men and women. Maverick’s decides to expand its business by opening a new manufacturing plant in China to create slacks that will be sold in China as well as in the United States. Maverick will hire both American and Chinese employees to work in the plant. Maverick’s upper management thinks that the same laws that protect U. S. employees should apply to the Chinese workers as well. Maverick’s upper management subscribes to the:

a)natural law school of legal thought.
b)historical school of legal thought.
c)legal positivism school of legal thought.

Answer: Natural Law School of Legal Thought

The statement suggests that Maverick Manufacturing’s upper management believes that the same laws that protect U.S. employees should also apply to Chinese workers in their new manufacturing plant in China.

In this case, option c) legal positivism school of legal thought aligns with their perspective. Legal positivism is a school of thought that believes laws are created by a recognized authority (such as legislation or government) and should be followed by individuals regardless of their personal beliefs or opinions. It focuses on the idea that the law is separate from moral or ethical considerations and that it should be enforced uniformly.

By believing that the same laws protecting U.S. employees should apply to Chinese workers, Maverick’s upper management is endorsing the concept of legal positivism and embracing the idea that laws should be applied universally to all employees, regardless of their nationality.

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