Lifetime Service When my grandfather returned from World War II, he married my grandmother and they settled in a new suburban

Lifetime Service

When my grandfather returned from World War II, he married my grandmother and they settled in a new suburban town in the Northeast. Shortly after buying a home, he opened a hardware store. The homes in the town, most of which were being sold to returning soldiers, were uniform, and everyone wanted to add his or her own personal touch. Homeowners went to the hardware store for everything they needed and quickly realized it was the place for how-to advice on do-it-yourself projects.Over the years, my grandfather typically employed people from town because he wanted to keep his community strong. He lived what he considered a normal, quiet life, so he was surprised when he was approached by a town council member one day while running an errand. My grandfather was told that the town wanted to honor him for his community service. He would receive an award after the Memorial Day parade. My grandfather, who was not one to look for attention, thanked the council member and refused. Asked to reconsider before saying no, my grandfather agreed to think about it.Returning home that day, my grandfather went to the garage to finish a project. He’d forgotten all about the offer of an award. Little did he know that the news had already been set in motion. My grandmother heard about the award later that day from a neighbor who let my mother and my aunt know within hours. That night, a few of us went to my grandparents’ house to talk about the award.We convinced my grandfather that it would be fun for us all to go to the parade and see him receive the award. We were sure it would be a quick ceremony and he would probably just pose for a few pictures with the mayor and council members.We were all surprised when we learned the extent of the town’s plans. On Memorial Day, we saw that a stage and seating had been set up in the town square. There was an entire front row of seating reserved for our family and above the stage my grandfather’s name was emblazoned on a large banner that read “Lifetime Service Award.” My grandfather had also been invited to be in the parade as a passenger in a 1944 pickup truck, much like the one he owned when he moved to town.After the parade, the mayor and several other town officials gave speeches about how my grandfather dedicated his life to the community. Then some of his friends got up to share a few words. Stories were shared about my grandfather ing construct additions to neighbors’ homes, dredging the town lake in the 1960s so that kids could actually swim in it, offering sage advice to other entrepreneurs who wanted to start businesses in town, and offering service as a volunteer firefighter for years.My siblings and cousins and I thought we knew everything about our grandfather, but that day we learned how highly he was thought of by other people. As the ceremony closed, the mayor announced that my grandfather’s portrait would be hung in Town Hall. We had a good laugh about that since my grandfather always maintained that any picture taken of him looked like a mug shot.We stayed at the town square for hours after the ceremony ended that Memorial Day. My grandfather talked to his neighbors and we heard more new stories from people who had known him for decades. I heard about how he caught a squirrel in Mrs. Gennaro’s attic in 1974, and about how he rebuilt the engine of the Flynns’ truck when Mr. Flynn thought he was going to have to sell it to the junkyard and buy a new one. I also learned that there were some things my grandfather couldn’t do. He had attempted to coach a junior football team one year and the team lost every single game. The most important thing I learned that day, though, was that one person can have a big impact on others, even without realizing it.what is the reason for the order of the sentences in paragraph 1?Select each correct answer. to show similarities and differences to show that building respect was a process to reveal the order that events happened to clarify the answer to a difficult problem to show the steps in the grandfather’s success

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