Fill in the sertences using: can, can’t,mary,should, shouldn’t1. The kidsgo home now It’s very latel2. Excuse me, sir! you

Fill in the sertences using: can, can’t,
should, shouldn’t
1. The kids
go home now It’s very latel
2. Excuse me, sir! you the way to
the bus station, ?
3. You
come in like that! Take off your
shoes at once!
4. You look very tired! You
work so
5. I use your phone. ?
6.No, you
go to the cinema alone.
You are too young
7. Listen to me, doggy! You.
chew my shoes all the time.
8. Mr Davis see you now
play the guitar very well.
10. Kids, it’s late. I think you.
brush your teeth and go to bed.
11. These bags look really heavy.
I you carry them?
12 John,
we meet tonight at 8.00
instead of 7.30?
13.-I’ve got a bad toothache.
see the dentist
first thing in the morning.
talk to her like
that again. She doesn’t deserve it.
15. Oh, I’ve left my purse at home.
-you lend me some money?
16. My friend’s son is 14 months old He.
walk but he
17. You
eat pizza so often
It’s bad for your health.
18. William
do better than that
but he
try harder
14. They .

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