Convert the prose of NCERT Book ‘The Sound of music’ –Evelyn Glennie into a creative poem.How to do The poem

Convert the prose of NCERT Book ‘The Sound of music’ – Evelyn Glennie into a creative poem How to do The poem should include all the aspects of Evelyn’s journey from being a non-entity to an epitome of inspiration for all other children like her. It should be of 4 stanzas.​

A slight girl looking for train
also nervous from brain
she was profoundly deaf
and never discussed about it
after knowing, sent to the school of deaf

She want to learn xylophone
everyone discouraged
but Ron Forbes encouraged
went to the Royal Academy at London
learnt the Music by feel from body

Performed orchestral works to solo
said, men with bushy beard gives me trouble
music tingles everywhere in her body
god my taken her hearing
but he has given back something extraordinary

And not only that she gave inspiration to handicapped people
That is – what we hear, she feels.

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