After reading case study 1 and case study 2 summarize your findings

1.4.4 on Life orientation. After reading case study 1 and case study 2 summarize your findings on the impact of risky teenage behaviour on one’s well being by referring to the spheres of well being: social, emotional, physical, spiritual

Answer: 1. Social , due to who ever the teenager hangs out with because being influenced is real & how ever the teens friends are (act, doings, hobby’s,interests, etc ) most likely the teen will be influenced/influencing by /or \to others

2: economic , depending on the teens lifestyle..
both financially and cultural the teen can grow up hungry with not much to eat and learn to start working early and mature or end up taking wrong path & stay stuck with a teens mindset
As for teens who grows up in middle class .. some might not realize what the real world economic struggles are and might end up being raised to being spoiled and ignorant to the adult life and make it hard to mature.. or some might take the good path and actually take advantage of the privlages & make good things happen later in life for like minded people ..
i believe (social #1) has a big part on all 4 spheres of well being with factors such as “being bullied , popularity, trust with other teens & other similar teen experiences.
i think number 2 contributes with number 1 because it starts off with who the teens are around , what ,& how .. they’re decision choices will lead to.

3: physical-“ keeping it short “
put 1 , and 2 together and it’ll give you a idea on what the teen will show interest to and how they are becoming young adults as far as they’re goals & ideas of them selfs & of course they’re education on being healthy, extercise , dietary habits, etc … & they’re education about drugs make sure your teens are with the right friends because drugs is becoming more and more of problems with our younger generations & having teens educated about they’re health is an important role sphere of well being ..

4: emotions : it’s about the hardest one of all because not everyone likes the truth or have little practice on how to handle them .. & starting off with being teens they learn from others and sometimes are confused on how to express feelings or control them .. example let’s say one sad teen can influence another teen who sorta understands how they feel so it becomes more of a group of mental desease crowd and with depression/ anxiety decisions from that crowd can risk lack of effort and attention in school or other activities..

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