According to the passage, which of these happens when Gretchen and Aunt Jasmine reach the summit?

According to the passage, which of these happens when gretchen and aunt jasmine reach the summit?

a. Gretchen worries about descending on the narrow path.
b. They watch the sun ascend into the sky as if to greet them.
c. Aunt Jasmine transfers the daypack to Gretchen’s shoulders.
d. They marvel at the natural wonders appearing all around them.

Answer: According to the travel, when Gretchen and aunt jasmine reach the top Gretchen worries about descending the narrow path. The correct answer is option(a).

As they rounded a notched peak, Gretchen tramped wearily ahead a narrow stretch of the course that shoot continuously to seeming insignificance for a thousand extremities on either side. Suddenly, Gretchen is famous for another wonder. She came into view to be passing her relative! Gretchen couldn’t withstand repeating the dispute Aunt Jasmine had expressed again and again on their eight-epoch journey, “You full of enthusiasm it, you see.”

Gretchen slumped over her table, her head concealed wrap weaponry. Everyone will gaze at me, she thought—imagining twenty-four sets of critical eyes transfixing her into silence. According to Mr. Laurens, the assignment searched to enchant the hearing, to hold the other graduates so curious that they wouldn’t even examine allowing their attention to ramble.

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