10. Many women to work as nurses in the war. A. volunteered B. volunteers C. voluntary D. voluntarily 11. She does

10. Many women to work as nurses in the war.

A. volunteered B. volunteers C. voluntary D. voluntarily
11. She does work for the Red Cross two days a week.
A. volunteers B. volunteered C. voluntary D. voluntarily
12. When the fire broke out, they escaped the room .
A. volunteers B. volunteer C. voluntary D. voluntarily
13. We should people because they face a lot of difficulties.
A. voluntary B. young C. rich D. disadvantaged
14. By the time I got to the station, the train . I had to come back.
A. has left B. left C. had left D. was leaving
15. When the professor started his speech, all of us stopped
A. talking B. to talk C. being talked D. to be talked
16. They had eaten everything by the time I the party.
A. arrive B. arrived C. has arrived D. had arrived
17. Mike is a boy. His jokes always make us laugh.
A. humourous B. modest C. selfish D. generous
18. Robson admits the rock through the window.
A. being thrown B. throwing C. to throw D. to be thrown
19. You called me while I on the highway.
A. had driven B. drove C. has driven D. was driving
20. You have no idea how I was. I felt shy and couldn’t say anything.
A. unselfish B. embarrassed C. frightened D. dishonest
21. Michael the Olympic champion in 2011.
A. has become B. was becoming C. had become D. became
22. We always expect with champagne and canapés.
A. being served B. to be served C. to serve D. serving
23. Every scientist dreams of the Nobel Prize.
A. to award B. to be awarded C. awarding D. being awarded
24. driving me to the station?
A. Would you like B. Do you hope C. Do you want D. Would you mind
25. I think your plan is of being improved.
A. capable B. suspicious C. loyal D. exciting
26. She would always remember a diamond ring by her lover on her 18th birthday.
A. to give B. giving C. being given D. to be given
27. He hoped to Christina’s wedding party.
A. to be invited B. to invite C. being invited D. inviting
28. Some high school and college students in ing disadvantaged and handicapped children.
A. like B. volunteer C. agree D. participate
29. Last night, I heard a strange noise when I .
A. slept B. was sleeping C. had slept D. sleep
30. What makes you her so much?
A. love B. to make C. making D. made
31. Peter didn’t lock the door when he left the room.
A. Peter left the room without locking the door.
B. The door wasn’t locked when Peter was at the room.
C. Peter remembered to lock the door when he left the room.
D. Before locking the door, Peter left the room.
32. Sally said, “Why don’t we organize a barbecue party?”
A. Sally suggested organizing a barbecue party.
B. Sally minded organizing a barbecue party.
C. Sally avoided organizing a barbecue party.
D. Sally refused to organize a barbecue party.
33. Mr Robson said, “I am unable to work on Saturday.”
A. Mr Robson agreed to work on Saturday.
B. Mr Robson expected to work on Saturday.
C. Mr Robson refused to work on Saturday.
D. Mr Robson enjoyed working on Saturday.

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